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Our Cat & Dog Food

All of our Freshpet recipes are made with 100% natural ingredients and never any preservatives, rendered meat meals, or fillers.

Dog and Cat Recipes For Specific Dietary Needs

Here you will find cat and dog food Freshpet recipe suggestions based on specific diets.

Freshpet Select

Our Freshpet Select products are made with 100% natural farm-raised chicken, no meat meals or by-products, and never any preservatives. Freshpet Select products are sold at grocery chains and mass retailers like Walmart and Target.


Our Vital products are verified Non-GMO, made with no nitrates, and are complete and balanced for all life stages. Vital products are sold at pet specialty shops like Petco and PetSmart.

Nature’s Fresh

Our Nature’s Fresh products use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and use antibiotic-free and vegetarian-fed chicken and turkey. Nature’s Fresh poultry is also rated “Step 1” in GAP, an animal welfare rating to denote a higher standard of care. Nature’s Fresh products are sold throughout the natural channel (ex: Whole Foods) and in some small independent stores.

Deli Fresh

Our Deli Fresh products are verified Non-GMO, made with antibiotic-free chicken, and are grain free. Deli Fresh products are sold at select Costco Wholesale stores.

Fresh Treats

Our Freshpet Treats are 100% natural, made with zero by-products or artificial flavors, and real meat is always the #1 ingredient. Freshpet Treats are sold at various mass retailers, pet specialty stores, and natural channel stores.

Homestyle Creations

Our Homestyle Creations products use USDA-certified chicken and beef, are made in the USA, and use high quality fruits, vegetables, and grains. Homestyle Creations products are sold at various grocery chains and mass retailers.