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The Freshpet Difference

Fresh in the pet food world is different from traditional dry and canned formats and offers some benefits that make it unique. Fresh, to the pet owner, means food that has been minimally processed, packaged and, must be refrigerated to maintain the qualities of the raw ingredients. These ingredients have been incorporated into a formula which allows the pet parent to purchase a single product containing all of the nutrients as set forth by AAFCO to meet the requirements for a puppy/dog or kitten/cat at a particular time in their life cycle.

Fresh as described provides pet parents with a clear option to “raw” foods and from homemade preparations which may not contain all of the nutritional value our pets need for a healthy diet.

According to a recent survey by a raw pet food manufacturer, pet parents are becoming more health conscious. The survey found that:

  • Pet health is the number one concern of owners (94%) when choosing pet food.
  • Freshness and quality (89%) rank second in choosing the right food.
  • 89% of current market feed their pets traditional processed food but 23% of those pet parents claim their pets have skin problems, arthritis and food allergies and an equal amount have said that their veterinarians have recommended dietary changes to remedy an illness.
  • 55% of pet parents would prefer to give their pets “fresh” food.


Dry Food

Step 1: Most dry food products blend their meat products with carbohydrates (mainly cereals).

Step 2: The kibble is extruded and coated for palatability.

Step 3: On sale for 18 months.

Step 4

Canned Food

Step 1: The meat is brought in in bulk on palettes.


Step 2: Canned foods are canned and sterilized at 250°F or 121°C for 20 minutes.

Step 3: It can be on  sale for up to 3 years.

Step 4


Step 1: We use fresh meat, sourced locally when possible

Step 2: We gently cook our recipes to ensure nutrient stability is maintained

Step 3: Our recipes are stored and served Fresh From the Fridge® where real food belongs.

Canned and dry dog food is cooked up to three or four times to make them last on the shelves for years.

Step 4