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Our Nutritional Philosophy

From Farm To Fridge
From Farm To Fridge
Fresh, meat-based recipes made using simple, all natural ingredients, gently cooked through pasteurization to lock in essential nutrients, and refrigerated for freshness. Never any fillers, meals or artificial preservatives.

Veterinary Care

Are you a veterinarian looking to provide the best care to your four-legged patients? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place!.

Whether it’s Freshpet dog food or cat food, our Freshpet Vet site is a place for veterinarians to find trusted information on the type of diet that would be beneficial for to their pet patients. Pets who are sick, or in need of medical attention, need the right rehabilitative care, or simply need a healthier alternative can benefit from Freshpet. Not only do some pets need the right medications, but they also require a healthy and, balanced and nutritional diet to get their lives back on their track. As a vet, you can play a vital role in taking care of not only their medical needs, but their nutritional needs, too.


We know that the right diet plays a vital role in the overall health as well as the rehabilitation and healing process for pets. On our website, you’ll find a nutritional analysis for every recipe that allows you see exactly what ingredients are present at what levels, as well as types of vitamins, minerals and calories. These documents provide everything from crude fat, fatty acids, moisture, proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, and phosphorus contents. By simply referring to our nutritional analysis, you can find the types of food a pet patient would benefit from.

Why a Fresh Diet?

Why Freshpet? Fresh food can give your pet patients amazing benefits such as muscle and tissue health and high digestibility. Our website shares the basic advantages of providing your pet patients with a fresh and healthy diet. If you plan to educate pet parents on Freshpet, you’ll need to understand the advantages of a fresh diet.

So whether pet owners are concerned about their pet’s digestive problems, or their picky eating habits, you will be prepared for their questions and can provide a wide range of solutions.

Fresh Therapy

While Freshpet was developed for all pets, we’ve found that Freshpet often works well for compromised cases and for pets in recovery. Freshpet is highly palatable, which is helpful for patients who are reluctant to eat or who have been through trauma. You can learn more about the many health benefits of Freshpet to compromised cases here.

If you have any questions regarding the Freshpet Vet site, the products Freshpet offers, or are looking for advice on the ideal nutrition for cats and dogs, please refer to our comprehensive FAQ section. If you want to read reviews from pet parents’ perspectives, you can have a look at the Freshpet dog food reviews section on the Freshpet.com. You can also check out the Freshpet Facebook page for updates on our products and the latest activities.

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