Benefits of a Fresh Diet

Benefits of a Fresh Diet

Benefits of a Fresh Diet


Increased Energy

Highly digestible fresh food is nutrient dense, so it easily converts into maximum energy.

Improved Digestion

Our fresh meat and poultry ingredients are highly digestible, with fiber to help prevent stomach upsets.

Shinier, Softer Skin & Coat

Fresh animal proteins provide more fatty acids to keep coats healthy and help prevent dry skin and shedding.

Allergy Relief

Grain-free recipes, single protein sources, and no corn or wheat make our foods an ideal choice for pets suffering from allergens.

Great for Picky Eaters

The high content of fresh poultry and meat we use to make our recipes makes them highly palatable.

Healthier Weight

High-protein, low carbohydrate meals packed with amino acids and other nutrients help build lean muscle and help pets reach and maintain a healthy weight.

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