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Common misconceptions we hear from veterinarians



Freshpet is a mostly raw diet

Freshpet is pasteurized to preserve bioavailability of nutrients and to maintain food safety

Formulations are developed without veterinary input

All our products are formulated under the guidance and input from veterinarians, nutritionists, PhD food scientists, and manufacturing experts

Freshpet is a small boutique upstart company with not much experience

Since 2006, Freshpet has served millions of pets, established a broad distribution network, and continues to be the leader in fresh nutrition for pets

Freshpet does not follow AAFCO feeding protocols or test their diets with dogs and cats

We follow AAFCO feeding and formulation protocols, adhere to WSAVA guidelines, and continually monitor feedback form our pet parents

Freshpet is high in fat and causes obesity and other gut issues

The energy density (kcal/100 grams) of Freshpet is similar to canned and much lower than dry. While slightly higher in fat content, we are half the carbohydrates of dry food. With a highly palatable and digestible product, feeding guidelines should be closely monitored

FAQ topics


Is Freshpet food raw?
Is there a risk for parasites or harmful bacteria in this process??
How are Freshpet products preserved?
Do you own the plant where the food is manufactured?
Do you provide "best if used by" dating and traceability codes on your products?


Where do Freshpet ingredients come from?
Is Freshpet food all natural?
How does Freshpet verify the quality of their meats?
Why does Freshpet use fresh meats instead of rendered meals?
The moisture or amount of water in Freshpet food seems high, why is this?
Why do your products contain salt? Shouldn’t we monitor sodium intake in pets?
Do you test your supplier's ingredients and final products for pathogens such as Listeria, Salmonella, or mycotoxins-mold?
Do you have recipes that contain over 10% pulses on a caloric basis (e.g. peas, lentils, beans, chickpeas)?


Is Freshpet complete and balanced nutrition?
Is Freshpet developed and formulated by veterinarians?
Why does traditional dry food seem to have more protein than Freshpet food when I look at the Guaranteed Analysis on the label?
Is the protein level in Freshpet recipes appropriate for all dogs?
Does Freshpet cause obesity?
Is Freshpet a suitable alternative for home cooked short-term feeding like hamburger and rice?
Do you have specific recipes formulated to meet the Adult Maintenance AAFCO Nutrient Profile, or are they developed and approved for ''All Life Stages''?
Has Freshpet published research in peer-reviewed journals?


Where can my clients find Freshpet?

Shelf Life

How are Freshpet products preserved?
Can Freshpet food be frozen and stored in my freezer for future use?
Once served, how long is it safe to leave Freshpet food in my dog or cat’s bowl?
How can I tell if the product is fresh when I buy it at the store?

Feeding and Serving

What is the best way to advise clients on introducing Freshpet?
Can I recommend Freshpet to a puppy?
What makes Nature’s Fresh different?
Can Freshpet food be microwaved?

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