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It’s amazing what can happen when you start FRESH

Start with really good ingredients

We use the best ingredients available. Our recipes are packed with the highest quality chicken, beef, and fish and nutrient-rich fruits and veggies. Simple recipes created to be rich in nutrients and moisture, but not heavy in carbohydrates or empty calories

We steam-cook, we don't over-cook

Minimal processing preserves the integrity of ingredients, amino acid digestibility, and animal acceptance

Our recipes have more available nutrition

A less processed diet has been proven to provide more available nutrition for animals

Consistency from batch to batch

All of our meals undergo over 20 quality and safety tests within our in-house laboratories before leaving our kitchens. Freshpet Kitchens are registered with APHIS and the FDA

Convenient for home cooking recommendations

A consistent complete and balanced alternative to limited ingredient home cooking recommendations

Ensuring patient safety is what we believe in, too

No matter how good our diets are, the safe use and handling of our products with pets and their parents is our main priority


Meats are kept at or below 40°F until cooked with steam.


Temperature is constantly monitored to maintain food safety and preserve bioavailability of nutrients.


Kitchens maintain Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification status– A 3rd party audit program to ensure globally accepted food safety standards are met.


Products are analyzed for pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms every hour.


Sample bags are collected from each batch to monitor microbiology and sensory aspects during their entire shelf life.

Common misconceptions we hear from veterinarians



Freshpet is a mostly raw diet

Freshpet is pasteurized to preserve bioavailability of nutrients and to maintain food safety

Formulations are developed without veterinary input

All our products are formulated under the guidance and input from veterinarians, nutritionists, PhD food scientists, and manufacturing experts

Freshpet is a small boutique upstart company with not much experience

Since 2006, Freshpet has served millions of pets, established a broad distribution network, and continues to be the leader in fresh nutrition for pets

Freshpet does not follow AAFCO feeding protocols or test their diets with dogs and cats

We follow AAFCO feeding and formulation protocols, adhere to WSAVA guidelines, and continually monitor feedback form our pet parents

Freshpet is high in fat and causes obesity and other gut issues

The energy density (kcal/100 grams) of Freshpet is similar to canned and much lower than dry. While slightly higher in fat content, we are half the carbohydrates of dry food. With a highly palatable and digestible product, feeding guidelines should be closely monitored

We're not canned or dry food, we're just better pet food.

Wet Food


Stored in the fridge, where real food belongs


Steam cooked to retain nutrients

Made with antioxidant rich fruits, and fiber-packed veggies you can see

Recipes start with high quality proteins and never include meat meals, meat powders, or by-products

Rozie, my Vizsla, had gotten sick and whenever we introduced ordinary dog food back into her diet, she would get sick. I was cooking chicken and rice constantly. Finally my vet recommended Freshpet. It has been a lifesaver.

Marie, pet parent to Rozie

Some of your clients are already feeding Freshpet

Since 2006 we have been accepted into the homes of millions of pet owners. Available through thousands of retail locations where they already shop.

12M+ households

Freshpet is fed to over 12 million dog owning households - roughly 18% of the total or one in every six.

37K+ retail locations

Freshpet can be conveniently found in many fridges in places where pet owners already shop for their family.

What pet parents are saying about Freshpet

While not “peer-reviewed,” the voice of our pet parents confirms the good work we do

  • 94%

    positive change

    94% pet-parents saw a positive change in their pets

  • 74%

    less picky

    74% said their pet is less picky

  • 71%

    shinier skin and coat

    71% said their pets now have a shinier skin and coat

  • 64%

    healthier weight

    64% said their pet is now at a healthier weight

  • 72%

    increased energy

    72% said their pet has increased energy

  • 70%

    better poops

    70% said their pet has better poops

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