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Downloadable research we've supported

Here are a few of the collaborative research projects we've been involved with through academic partners and others.

Effects of Processing on Nutrient Bioavailability

Testing the quality of protein sources undergoing different processing conditions provides important information on how we make pet foods and the available nutrients left after different cooking methods

Impact of Diet on Skin Microbiome

This pioneering study sheds light on the relationship between diet and skin microbiome in dogs, a topic that has not been extensively studied before. The results reveal that feeding fresh dog food led to an increase in bacterial diversity and alterations in their abundance compared to dry pet foods.

Advances in New Commercial Pet Food Formats and the Impact on Pet Nutrition and Health

Download the Global Meet on Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine presentation delivered by our SVP of Freshpet R&D, Dr. Gerardo Perez-Camargo, MRCVS., PhD.

Our vet recommended Freshpet several years ago and we've been feeding our two guys it ever since. They love it! Their coats are beautiful and the white guy has no more stains around his eyes...probably since the food is fresh with no dyes in it.

Patty, pet parent

Webinars and podcasts

We support these webinars and podcasts from key thought leaders in the field of veterinary nutrition. Some qualify for CE credits and may link out to partner sites.

Commercial to Home-Prepared: The Art and Science of Fresh Food Diets

Join Dr. Lisa Weeth DVM, MRCVS, DACVIM (Nutrition) for a one hour CE webinar discussing the rise in home cooking and fresh-food diets for companion animals. Delve into pet owners' motivations, potential risks and benefits, and key considerations for veterinary professionals in evaluating these diets. Gain valuable insights and quick tips to enhance your practice's approach to counseling clients on what to feed their pet.

Every Patient, Every Time: Nutritional Assessments for Everyday Practice

In this 1-hour, online CE webinar, Dr. Lisa Weeth, DACVIM (Nutrition), will review the importance of incorporating dietary history and nutritional evaluations into everyday practice. This lecture will focus on how to evaluate traditional and non-traditional diet types as well as how to determine whether the nutritional status of a patient could be influencing health and disease.

Learn more about Freshpet at these upcoming veterinary conferences

We hope to see you at a few veterinary conferences where we'll be too. Learn something and take home some cool Freshpet gear for you and your practice.

VETgirl U 2024

June 27-30, 2024, Hyatt Regency New Orleans, LA. Booth #43

Fetch Central Veterinary Conference

August 23-25, 2024, Kansas City Convention Center, Kansas City, Missouri. Booth #618

Southwest Veterinary Symposium

September 26-28, Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth TX. Booth #121

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The best way to educate your practice on the benefits of fresh food is through one of our live online training webinars. Click the link to schedule

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What kind of product research has been conducted?

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