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Why Freshpet

All Freshpet Recipes Are Formulated by Veterinary Nutritionists

We believe all dogs and cats deserve real, fresh food to help them live their best and happiest tail-wagging lives. If you’re a pet parent and want to learn more about Freshpet, then our main website is the place for you.

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Dry Vs. Canned Vs. Fresh Article

Dry V. Canned V. Fresh

Freshpet’s Response to WSAVA Guidelines

Yes, in addition to our internal group of Freshpet technical staff (veterinarians, food scientists, microbiologist, biologists and nutritionists) we have assembled a team of nutritionist veterinary consultants called The Nutrition Council. The Nutrition Council guides, supervises and validates our research collaborations, and works to continuously evaluate and improve our ingredients, processes, and pet food products.
Yes, we have a veterinary nutritionist team dedicated to communicating with veterinarians and are available for questions and consultation.
Yes, our products are formulated to comply with Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) nutritional guidelines and are regularly analyzed. Nutrient profiles are available.