Fresh Therapy

Fresh Therapy

Fresh Therapy

Benefits of Freshpet When Used With Compromised Cases


  • High Palatability: No therapy will work if the patient does not eat. Freshpet has superior palatability, often recommended to stimulate patient’s appetites. Made from a blend of fresh meats, fish and eggs to encourage food intake even in the most reluctant patient.
  • Promotes a healthy gastrointestinal tract: Fortified with pre-biotics (soluble fibers) to support gastrointestinal health. Fresh ingredients and minimal processing enhance palatability and increase digestibility of those ingredients. Can be used instead of bland home-cooked meals with greater compliance.
  • Ideal mix of Fatty Acids: Optimal Omega 6:3 ratio to support a healthy immune system, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.
  • Muscle & tissue health: High quality protein sources and an ideal amino acid profile to support tissue health, regeneration and repair.
  • Single source proteins: Because of Freshpet’s simple ingredient profile, single-source proteins, and limited grains it may be an ideal choice for certain food sensitivities and dermatological problems.
Healing and Recovery


Freshpet is also a superior diet for recovery and post-op due to its palatability, digestibility and high levels of quality protein used.

High stress levels from trauma or other compromised health issues can increase the animal’s protein requirement. Freshpet contains higher protein levels than the typical maintenance diet. In fact most maintenance diets may be too low in protein requiring the animal to use the available protein for energy rather than for healing. Freshpet’s nutrient dense protein sources provide an ideal amino acid profile that is essential for tissue repair and regeneration, and help patients better respond to trauma.

  • When eating is critical, many patients readily accept Freshpet
  • High digestibility – over 90% digestible
  • Many recipes include Inulin to aid in digestion and absorption
  • Extremely palatable

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