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Learn why your clients may be feeding fresh pet food

Veterinarian with Freshpet food dogs

We use fresh, whole ingredients

Our recipes are gently cooked without preservatives

Meals are found in the fridge (where food belongs)

A collaboration of fresh thinkers

At Freshpet we believe that the best ideas come from a wide range of thought leaders in small animal and human nutrition, veterinary medicine, and food science. We have a collaborative approach among internal and external scientists and researchers that brings fresh thinking to our formulation of safe, high quality, and nutritious products for your patients.

Freshpet mission

We never stop learning

There’s not a lot of published research about the effects of feeding fresh pet food to small animals. We’ve been slowly changing that since we started Freshpet in 2006. From digestibility studies to the effects of a fresh diet on skin and coat, our commitment to learning is ongoing through feeding trials, collaborative university research and internal studies.

What pet parents are saying about Freshpet

While not “peer-reviewed,” the voice of our pet parents confirms the good work we do

  • 94%

    positive change

    94% pet-parents saw a positive change in their pets

  • 74%

    less picky

    74% said their pet is less picky

  • 71%

    shinier skin and coat

    71% said their pets now have a shinier skin and coat

  • 64%

    healthier weight

    64% said their pet is now at a healthier weight

  • 72%

    increased energy

    72% said their pet has increased energy

  • 70%

    better poops

    70% said their pet has better poops

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