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Nutrition Council

The Role of the Freshpet Nutrition Council

The mission of the Freshpet Nutrition Council is to help Freshpet shape the future of pet food and provide the highest quality nutrition for pets resulting in healthier happier pets and more fulfilled pet parents.

The role of the council is to do the following:
Advise, Inform & Educate

• Identify current trends, findings, and novel research in dog and cat

• Help to advise and direct the nutritional development of Freshpet foods to
    ensure they are as healthy as possible for pets.

• Develop communications to help educate veterinarians on fresh pet food
    and Freshpet foods.

• Similar to humans getting benefits from eating a fresher, simpler and less
    processed diet, help to identify if there is efficacy in the same type of diet 
    for pets.

Develop, Create & Innovate

• Support new product development efforts to keep the Freshpet line on the
    cutting edge of nutrition

• Identify opportunities on existing foods and support improvement

• Develop research to understand the benefits and efficacy of fresh pet food.

Meet the Council

Lisa P. Weeth DVM, DACVN

- Board-certified Veterinary Nutritionist
- Experience working directly with general practitioners, specialists and pet parents on meeting the nutritional needs of companion dogs and cats since 2002.
- Experienced lecturer to both veterinary professionals (veterinarians, veterinary students and technical staff) and pet parents on a wide range of topics related to veterinary nutrition and the pet food industry.

Beth Hamper DVN, PhD, DACVN

- Board certified in Veterinary Nutrition
- PhD in Comparative Medicine (nutrition and immunology); PhD Thesis - Adequacy and performance of raw meat diets in cats.
- Experience consulting with veterinarians and clients on proper nutrition for both healthy dogs and cats as well as dogs and cats with a wide range of medical conditions since 2007.
- Experience consulting with pet food industry on optimizing nutrition in pet foods for dogs and cats since 2015.
- Author of nutrition related chapters in veterinary textbooks and scientific articles in scholarly journals.

Melissa Brookshire DVM

- Providing veterinary customer support to the pet food industry since 2007.
- Leads a team of 5 veterinarians, dedicated to assisting pet parents with food related issues.
- Speaking experience at industry meetings and brand training seminars.
- Experienced pet food regulatory compliance professional.

Kelly Swanson PhD

- PhD in Nutrition; Professor in Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
- Research expertise includes Animal Nutrition and Nutrigenomics, Dietary Effects on the Gut Microbiome, Gastrointestinal Health, and Obesity.
- Has experience working with the pet food industry since 1997.
- Published over 165 peer-reviewed publications, 6 book chapters, 56 conference proceedings, and over 240 research abstracts.
- Given over 110 invited presentations at scientific meetings in 12 countries around the world.