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Health Benefits of a Fresh Diet

Learn more about some of the many attributes that may make Freshpet an ideal choice for your patient.
Fresh Therapy

How We Source and Prepare Our Foods

The Freshpet Difference

'Fresh' in the pet food world is different from traditional dry and canned formats, and offers benefits that make it unique.
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Making Our Rolls & Meals: The Maillard Reaction

Our rolls cooking process is very similar to our meals. Our meats are mixed with fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals; and then cooked at a time and temperature just sufficient to kill all harmful bacteria.
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Dry vs. Canned vs. Fresh

This study compares traditional pet food formats with fresh food, highlighting protein, fat, carbs, and moisture percentages.
Dry v. Canned v. Fresh

The Freshpet Story

When we started Freshpet, we knew we could make better foods for pets. In the process of building the company, we wanted to change the industry through positive innovation that is good for pets, pet parents and the planet all at the same time. 

We gathered a team of the best in both pet and human food and in October 2006, we were cooking nutritious, fresh meals for pets.

Our ideology on how to feed our four-legged family members is really simple: use fresh, whole ingredients, gently cooked without preservatives, and kept in the fridge where meats belong. 

All Freshpet recipes are made with US-raised chicken or beef delivered daily to our US-based Freshpet Kitchen in Bethlehem, PA. We then use steam-cooking to lock in vital nutrients, all done according to FDA and USDA standards. 

We are incredibly proud and humbled that over 1 million pet parents now use our food from our retail network of over 20,000 fridges across North America. It’s amazing what can happen when you start completely fresh!