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Palatability Studies

Jun 28, 2019 | Written by Freshpet
This study reflects the palatability analysis when Freshpet is compared to fresh, dry, and canned pet food competitors.

Freshpet vs. Fresh Competitors

*Freshpet against 2 fresh diets, dog only.

Freshpet vs. Dry Competitors

*Freshpet against 9 dry diets, both dog and cat.


Freshpet vs. Canned Competitors

*Freshpet against 10 canned diets, both dog and cat.

First Choice Results:

Out of all tests performed, Freshpet products won 3:2 regarding which diet the animal went to first. All palatability studies have been tested no earlier than September 2018 at the same unbiased facility. All studies conducted are included in the data. The diets chosen have similar protein flavors as the Freshpet product they were tested against. Products tested against Freshpet range from some of the least expensive diets to some of the most.